Friday, May 1, 2009

Our kids' TOS-the daughter

So you know our son had TOS, a rib resection, and did fabulous.
The following summer his kid sister grew a couple inches and began... having arm pain.
Yes, here we go again.
We xrayed. There were bilateral cervical ribs.
We tried some physical therapy for a few months, to no avail.
We requested a consult with our sons surgeon.
He did the tests, recommended a rib resection.
So, the summer of 2005, our daughter had a right rib resection.
She did great, she even emailed her friends from the hospital within hours of waking up from surgery!
She went home the next day.
Six weeks later, she was riding a bike and loving life again.
She did a month of physical therapy.
Shes doing great now.

Her only complaint, as is our sons, is that her armpit is numbish, which makes shaving difficult.
But the arm ache is gone.

So after all that, when I showed up 2&1/2 years later to see the sugeon for myself, I suggested we should get a punch card discount family plan for these rib resections!!
And I meant it:)