Saturday, May 2, 2009

Right Rib resection transaxillary photos & update-day 18

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Today is day 18.
My shoulder muscle feels frozen.
The neck muscle running up the side of my neck is hurting, again, like before surgery.
I'm down to taking prescription pain med at night and otc ibuprophen during the day.

Today I am beginning to wonder if this was a mistake.
The pain/discomfort I felt prior to surgery was a throbbing, pulsing ache.
Now, post op, it is a pulling jabbing, burning.
Maybe that's a good sign, a sign that its muscular in nature and can be overcome with physical therapy?

I can hope.
I've shed my share of tears the last couple days.
Today I will try to figure out how to wear a bra or some sort of chest support so I can go out in public.
Thinking about having to figure that out makes me want to cry again.

It is what it is.
Buck up and deal with it.

That's the scoop on day 18.

*Proceed to scroll down if you want to know what a rib resection transaxillary scar looks like.

Earliest post-op photo taken at 4 days post-op

One week post-op

Today-day 18


Anonymous said...

Now, Are you feeling better all these years after? was it a nice move to make the surgery? It will happen to me really soon...

Ge Bo said...

I'm day 8 after surgery and feeling like a new guy! I'm using my arm like before, but without lifting heavy weight for now. What a great move. My scar is looking like yours in the first pic. I'm only taking Acetaminophen, no need pain killers. It's not that bad and painful for me. nothing like before :) I'm so happy!