Monday, May 4, 2009

post-op day 20

Ibuprophen is not cuttin it, so back to prescription pain meds and ibuprphen in between.
I've been doing the 'walk your hand up the wall' exersize....ow.
I can get most of the way up...just dont look at how my lower half is contorted to get my arm up like that:) lol

Last night I tried a couple of the exersizes the doc wants me to do.
Laying flat on my back, arms up with hands tucked under my head, just rest like that to stretch the pecs...I cannot do it.
right arm will not go back like that.
Then there is the issue of having to get up off the floor from laying flat like that.
Which is discouraging.

The ol' mental challenge to be patient with the healing 'process'
and not get too woried (yet) or wound up wondering why I'm not very functinal (yet)...
it's definitely a challenge.
Especially when my neck starts cramping up, just like before surgery...and I start thinking "now, there it is, that daggone pain in my neck. That is the pain that is supposed to be gone now, so why am I feeling it?"
Thats a big mental roadblock.

It hurts to let my underarm come together with my I want to have a space between my underarm and my chest at all times.

I'll try to end on a positive note-
I'm dressed in real clothes today, bra loosely, and I can deal with going 5-6 hours between pain med doses now.
so that's good....well, it's better.


Ge Bo said...

Ok, I just used acetaminophen since the first day after surgery. Went real good for me. Not a big thing after all. Just a great thing for my future. I've been 'opened' July 22th. and now I run 10km in 55 minutes and lited my 115 lbs boat over head. Do the surgery.

Ge Bo said...