Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Seat belt clip Review #2 - The LooPo - and more on proper seatbelt use for TOSers

My experience of the LooPo seat belt tension adjuster clip is- Thumbs up! It is really fantastically easy to use, clips on and off with no effort. Simply clip the LooPo onto the shoulder portion of the belt- up by where the belt retracts, clip your seat belt on, and then set the tension of the shoulder strap where it is comfortable for you.  You could easily use the same clip on any belt, easy on and off.
I found driving with this clip on my seat belt provided peace of mind.  I am still able to wear a shoulder strap, and there is no pull or tug on my arm or shoulder.
My daughters review of the LooPo is- "I like it!"
I just ordered more of therre I like them so to take with me in case I ride in someone elses car, one to leave in each vehicle, and I will order more to give as gifts to people I know would find these helpful. I LOVE to find things that are helpful for TOSers!

**3/3/13 Update! I've been using the LooPo seat belt adjuster for several months now, and I have learned that if I do not slide the locking switch and slide the LooPo down the belt so it can retract, then my seatbelt flops around, gets shut in my car door, is hanging on my seat when I go to sit down. It is still the best seatbelt adjusting clip I've found, but not without its minor hassles.

~ ~ ~

On another note, I ran across several posts in an online forum regarading seatbelt exemption and tickets given for improper use. One lady in California got ticketed for putting the shoulder part of the belt behind her, even though her belt was fastened, she got ticketed anyway. Officer told her-"Belt must be fastened in the manner intended by the manufacturer."
This is why I got a note from my doctor-one for my glove box, one in my wallet.  I am also testing different seat belt adjusters so I can still wear a belt and be safe, but do it more comfortably, without causing a flare up when I drive. 
More on Michign belt law and How to wear your seatbelt properly.
This link states there should be no slack in the belt, unless you have a doctor note that states you need to adjust our belt due to a medical condition. You could also opt to request a note from your doctor stating you are exempt from wearing your belt due to TOS.
I personally am more comfortable continuing to wear a seatbelt but using some type of clip that provides a slight slack. The belt will still kick in and serve the intended purpose and it's better than not wearing one at all.
I am continuing to look for other types of seat belt clips and will give my reviews of them in future posts. For now, I am happy with the LooPo seat belt tension adjuster. Check it out, and above all, stay safe out there on your journey with TOS.