Monday, February 10, 2014

TOS Diet days 7 and 8

Now, before you see the picture and run away afraid I might try to persuade you to give up your coffee-no no! I am trying to figure out what is best for me-to lower my own pain levels. If coffee works for you, please enjoy some for me. However, I am back to being convinced that caffeine  is too harsh for my nerves, and when you're trying to control nerve pain, anything that is a nervous system stimulant is possibly adding to the problem according to my thinking. Don't get me wrong, I love my coffee, but my intuition tells me I need to seriously cut it out if this diet is going to stand a chance at helping my inflammation and pain levels.
I was telling my daughter my mental dialogue this morning as I thought about not having coffee....despair, life is not worth living, what is there to look forward to, depression and misery...whimper. Just pitiful.

I should've gotten off coffee before I started this diet. I'm going to be so tired and grumpy the next few days while I quit. But it's for the best, I hope.

I've been eating (choking down) the Gin Soaked Golden Raisins, 8 per day. Yuck!! But I'll stick with it 'till the end of the month to see if it helps.

Still eating just anti-inflam foods, though I cut back on the smoothies, was getting too bloated. Maybe enzymes would help with that? This diet has increased fiber intake, but I've not done as well at drinking more water, resulting in slowed down (virtually stopped) intestinal transit. So I'll try to replace coffee with more water.
I am going to post meal pics the next few posts so you can get an idea of foods on this diet.

Any comments, things you'd like to see me try on My TOS Diet, email me. I'm pretty willing to give things a shot to see of they work:)

Gentle hugs~