Friday, February 7, 2014

My TOS Diet days 4, 5 & 6

I've stuck to eating only anti-inflammitory foods the last three days, even though its been a stressful few days with increased TOS pain. I have to fight the urge to treat myself to something sugary when the pain ramps up. I think maybe I'm past the worst of the sugar cravings now at day 6.

It has become even more important to me in the last couple days that this diet work and reduce inflammation and symptoms. So I'm giving it my best shot.

I've talked with a fellow TOSer from the facebook support group who has had success in reducing her TOS symptoms using The Gaps diet. I am very familiar with The Gaps diet because I've witnessed my two year old grandson transform from a little boy covered with eczema to having to clear healthy skin by switching to it recently.  So I've decided to incorporate elements of Gaps diet along with The Green Smoothies Diet, and The Diet for a Pain Free Life.

I made some raw cookies today. Ingredients: dates, vanilla, walnuts, 1/3 cup almond pulp-leftover from making plain almond milk-unsweetened shredded coconut. Pulsed all together
in my Blendtec blender, refrigerate, roll little balls, flattened, dredge in raw cacao powder mixed with coconut sugar, kept in fridge. Sweet and yummy.

I also made kale chips. Tear washed Kale into bite size pieces, fill big bowl, drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle sea salt and nutritional yeast flakes, layer in dehydrator of on cookie sheet in oven on lowest setting for about 10 minutes. Delicious!

It is true that this is pretty health-nut type food. I grew up with health nut parents who sold specialty supplements. My mother made things like whole wheat carob chip cookies for our school lunches. I only got away with trading my cookies for a twinkie or hoho with an unsuspecting kid twice before word got around that my cookies looked good but tasted terrible!

I'm trying to make this way of eating doable for the long term, so I'm using sources as affordable as I can find. I order some things online, glean from clearance racks of my local health food stores, buy frozen produce or off the mark-down rack. I LOVE discounted brown spotted bananas!! Here's why...I peel and break them into pieces, throw in freezer, then at night I put the bananas in my blender with a splash of coconut or almond milk, some vanilla and make dairy free banana icecream :) I add cocoa or peanut butter sometimes too, very healthy and delicious.

So the next couple days I'll keep working on sticking to just one cup of regular morning coffee, and making that cup smaller each day, trying to switch to green tea alone. Also, I will stick to only eating foods that do not promote inflammation. I really hope this works. I know it will take some time, I'll try to be patient.
Gentle hugs~