Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Journey takes a new twist

Lately I've been back to the familiar cycle of aching, spasms that wear a person out.
Still have not had left side rib resection.
Saw a new Dr. with hopes of some cortisone shots, and a referal for some refresher physical therapy.
I walked out deflated, in tears.
He flug a new diagnosis on me like a stinky wet blanket.
One that I disagree with...but is rolling around in my mind today.

Well who the hec with extra flippin bones in their neck like mine wouldn't develop chronic muscular pain?!

I guess I'm just not fond of 'labels' if they cannot be proven.
And even then, why the focus on the label for the problem and not on educating and equipping people to deal with it? Find some relief?