Friday, November 19, 2010

Hope for the fellow TOS traveler

In my research for something to help my own continuing TOS symptoms,
I have seen recommendations for Feldenkrais, a method of gentle mental/physical therapy.
After much online research, I decided to purchase the book Awareness Through Movement by Moshe Feldenkrais, the man who developed the method.

I am impressed by the structural knowledge this man had, as a physicist, into the human body and how it can function optimally.
I located the nearest Awareness Through Movement group class and attended recently. It was a relaxing, plesant, informative experience.

In the matter of an hour, I learned a few things about myself and how I move and use my body that I had not realised. Simple, gentle, helpful.
The nearest class is an hours drive away, so for convenience purposes, I decided to purchase a cd of 48 Feldenkrais lessons I can listen to and do daily at home.

I find with each session, I learn more about my body's patterns and I see small yet noticeable changes in the way I move and think about my body and its ability to overcome habits developed from TOS.

I have had difficulty with some of the shoulder circles due to the Cervical ribs I have, so I simply imagine myself doing them, and relax.
I have found this method to be quite helpful so far...I'm only 10 days into it.

If you are a fellow TOS traveler I hope you will consider looking into this simple, gentle, helpful method.

Be well.