Friday, August 19, 2011

Another day in the life-with TOS

Yesterday was a busy one, trying to keep up with the grass growing and the yard mowing.
Today I am paying dearly for over-using my arms.
The left aches so much, like my right one used to all the time.
That pain pushed me to the medicine cabinet to find a pain pill to pop in hope of temporary relief.
Yea, today it's that all too familiar down the center of my arm ache.
Like the constant pull of a nerve, from the base of my neck, all down my arm, with a bit of a throb added to it.

I've heard that a classic symptom of a heart attack is left-arm pain that radiates into your back.
Well if ever I have a heart attack, I'll never know it since I have this TOS arm pain- which feels exactly like that!

I'll start with Ibuprophen, the max recommended by my Dr-800 mg.
That will hopefully take the edge off enough to function for a while today.
I have errands to run, not far to drive, thankfully.
I can manage with one good arm.

I try to take my time as I go about my day, but what I really want is to get back to the safety of my own house, my chair, where I can sit and not worry about people looking at my face and wondering whats the matter with me.

Pain is a bitch.
Nag nag nag.
It's hard to even think straight after a while, with pain constantly tugging on you like a needy little kid...""
Until you want to scream "What?!"
But it wouldn't matter, the pain would keep on nagging you just the same.

Pain is so draining, wearing you down, the ache, throb, worry, hurt, fear, the struggle to hold yourself back from doing things you know will make you hurt worse, but what kind of life is it to just sit and do nothing as you wait for the pain to subside?!
You just want to live your life, a normal life, do things for yourself.
But today, you are bound by pain.
So you wait.
Maybe tomorrow will be better.