Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Two steps forward, one step back

Not much new to report on my journey with TOS. I have been really appreciating the posts in the Facebook TOS forum recently, lots of useful info and encouraging support going on there-check it out!!/groups/15231937182/ Life with TOS continues to have its up's and down's. Good days and bad. I over do it quite often. I continue to "look fine", but I know that I am just one too tight hug from a well-meaning person away from throbbing arms and pain pills. Or one short drive on a windy day to the store giving my arms and neck too much of a work out from that all too-familiar ache. Tough to plan ahead, knowing that with TOS, I might not be able to make it even if I do commit to be there. Life continues to be juggled, managed and taken in slow steps.
Some days forward, some days backward a few. That's what it's like on my journey with TOS.