Wednesday, November 21, 2012

TOS Thankfulness

Things this TOSer is thankful for...

1. Family members who try to be understanding
2. Moments of time that I am relatively pain free
3. Suport groups of fellow TOSers who also understand
4. Pain meds and supplements
5. Books and internet- knowledge is power
6. Doctors who are skilled, willing and able to treat TOS
7. Little things that make nice nicer for a TOSer-hot packs, seatbelt clips, etc.
8. My comfy chair
9. Enough grace for each new day
10. Relaxing music
11. Sleep
12. Cold water and hot tea
13. My dog curled up next to me
14. A strong enough mind to carry on
15.  Mostly I'm back to number 1...I'm thankful for love.

Also, I hear there will be a Black Friday super deal on LooPo Seat belt tension adjusters.