Thursday, March 14, 2013

Givin' up some praise

I recently took part in a TOS survey.

One of the questions asked if I used social media to praise or give credit to my doctors/surgeons. Another question asked if I used social media to refer others to the doctors who have treated me for TOS.

I have and will continue to refer people to my TOS doctor.
But I must confess, I have not given proper acknowledgement nor been nearly as thankful as I should have been for the treacherous work he does attempting to fix peoples bodies. I mean, he literally gets inside, delicately rearranges the things that cause pain- it's just amazing to me the work that fine surgeons do!  The possibilities for renewed life and hope people can have through the work doctors awesome.

Nurses, a caring nurse is seldom thanked for going out of their way to do extra little things to make their patients more comfortable. We leave the hospital and move on with our lives. I know for myself, I intended to send a few thank you notes to some nurses that never got sent in the postop haze of life.
But I do remember them. And I am so very thankful for the nurses who were excellent in their care of me and my kids after our rib resection surgeries.

I think what has me expressing all this gratefulness is that our personal family doctor moved away recently, and I will miss that doctor greatly.

Unfortunately it seems to be true in life, you don't appreciate what you have sometimes until it's gone.
A doctor who listens...really listens, takes time, works with you, and takes you seriously is a treasure.

A treasure that all of us with TOS should be thankful for.
Don't be afraid to tell your doctor you appreciate them either.

After my sons rib resection, he was all healed and back to normal teenage life, playing football.
I sent his surgeon a thank you note with a picture of my son in his football uniform, so he could see that he had indeed helped restore him to a normal life.

We've all read about and even experienced alot of difficult situations regarding some doctors lack of care . It's easy to find the bad stories.

Let's try to give equal time to those in the medical profession who have done a good job and are worthy of our respect and appreciation.

When you have a child, or in my case two kids with TOS, and they are in constant pain, and a doctor does his best to help them, and your child goes on to live life and not have so much pain--that is worth more than words can even say!

So to all the TOS surgeons, physical therapists, nurses, pharmacists, all those in the medical profession who have dedicated themselves to helping ease our suffering-
@>--Thank You!