Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mini update

I have several things on my 'list of things to try' to see if they bring some TOS relief.
I tried a couple recently.

I thought massage would maybe help loosen tightness.
It felt great while I was getting the massage, an entire hour. The massage therapist was diligent in avoiding my neck areas that cant take pressure...but on my drive home my right arm started burning, aching, and three days of that are enough to convince me to stay away from massage.

I also got some trigger point lidocaine injections in my neck, and for about ten days my arm pain was GONE and I was singing my Dr's praises. But I overdid it last weekend doing yard work, and the arm pain has returned. Maybe the shot wore off? I had a trigger point injection in the left side of my back two years ago and that pain has not returned since, so I'm disappointed this last right side neck injection isn't helping as I had hoped. I will ask about more injections, maybe Dr. didn't hit the right spot?

Also, the ABM sessions are on hold, for now. I plan to return, but I've had some flare up's of pain lately, and my ABM therapist says the brain is not available to learn and change when it is locked in dealing with pain. So, I need to address that first and then I could go back to those sessions.

So that's three things on my 'to try' list that are not panning out as I had hoped.
Next on my list are:
Acupuncture, more trigger point injections, lidocaine patch.

I'll let you know how those work out.