Friday, August 8, 2014

How to Attack Life's Challenge with Grace

I've been trying to do just what Brendon talks about in this video for several months now...attack my TOS issues head on, and from every possible angle; challenging negative thought patterns, supplements, physical therapy, diet, even emotional and spiritual pieces of the puzzle.
Recently, I've been a bit discouraged.
I think I'm doing better, then pain ramps up and I feel like one step forward, two steps back. 
It seems a bit divinely providential that I ran across this video today.

I needed to be reminded of the necessary balance between fighting TOS, and being at peace with it while I'm trying to change some things.
Like Brendon says about his 'War and Peace Strategy' in this video-"If you've got a challenge in your life, you've gotta go to war at it, and you have to have peace about it. Major challenges in our life demand multiple areas of attack. You're so overwhelmed with the suffering, the challenges- you've gotta start overwhelming those things with the number of areas you're hittin' that baby. As you're working your best towards changing it (not approve of it or settle with it) have peace, accept it with no negative attachment. It's ok as it is." 

That last line is tough, so tough for me.
I think he's right.
I think acceptance and peace may be the key to living well with pain and challenges, but I'm not there just yet.
I'll keep workin' on it.

Gentle hugs~