Sunday, August 3, 2014

My Physical Therapist Says...Part 6

"Your body wants to move, its good for you to move. Garden, be as active as you can - without blowing up symptoms." 

I asked why when I do this-(arm up and down, painting motion) does my ear hurt?  Response-"because the pain is not coming from your ear its coming from your neck muscles."

"They've done MRI of shoulders with torn rotator cuffs on people who have full function. Others  who've been told they have torn rotator cuff but normal MRI experience pain and limitation. Being given a medical dx can contribute mentally to pain."

"There will always be some people invested in their negativity and pain. But you can chose to focus on the positive and keep moving gradually forward."

I asked, if I lean into the pain, tilt head toward pain, fold arm up, is that a bad habit? Response," it takes the tension off the muscle and nerve, so temporarily, no thats not bad." (note-temporarily).

Gentle hugs~