Friday, November 7, 2014

Time to change the narrative.

I found this podcast to be VERY encouraging, and a bit challenging. I hope you will give it a listen.

As the podcast mentions, I've found it is important for me to challenge and change how I consider my life and it's physical challenges.
I'm learning to not say "I have TOS", but to say "I live with TOS".
And yes, for me it does matter how I frame the situation. It is important for me to keep TOS as a separate entity, not as my identity. It just happens to be part of my baggage, not my whole life.

The main speaker in this podcast says she is "grateful for ms".
That got me wondering,.. is there any way I can or shoud be grateful for TOS?
And I have to say, TOS has made me have to pay attention, become mindful, stop numbing and plug into my life. TOS has made me stronger in some important ways, for that I am grateful.

My fellow TOSers- Don't hang in there & Gentle hugs~