Tuesday, March 10, 2009


My daughter & I ate dinner at a chineese buffet the other day.
My fortune cookie said-
"Pull the universe inside you.
Make it your own."
I said to my daughter after reading that-
"I feel like I just did!"
I made a flourless fudgecake yesterday...it IS awesome.
The consistency of cheesecake, thick and rich.
I need to get some whipped cream.
I've been busy cleaning nooks and crannies, getting ready to be out of commission for a few weeks here the first of April. No, not April Fool's Day!
April 6th to be exact.
Gathering medical records, trying to get in for a second opinion last minute.
Not that I feel I need it, just to be responsible I guess.

I will be SO glad when this surgery is over.
My plan is that my neck will not lock-up on me with a mind of its own anymore.
I will be able to push a grocery cart, drive, pull open doors, lift laundry baskets, vacumn, hug people, and play my guitar without causing my neck, shoulders and arms to throb-throb-throb.
I hope to go back to work. I miss helping other people-alot.
I'm really sick of myself, truth be told.
When this surgery deal x2 is overwith, I'll be ready to move on.

In the meantime, I'm figuring out how to do things left handed, making sure I have button-front shirts to wear as tshirts will not be an option for a while, and a sports bra to step into and pull up(one strap only) since I will not be without and can't hook for a while. TMI, I know.
But this is my life right now, getting the ducks in a row.
I'm fortunate I can do that. Some TOS (Thoracic Outlet Syndrome) patients wind up requiring emergency surgery due to blood clots from arteries getting pinched.
So fun.

Oprah just HAD to have a show on medical mistakes today too. AAHHH!
Just what I needed. My hOney is staying overnight in the hospital with me for sure.

Found a comfy chair to sleep in. I made myself SO sore looking for the right chair.
Because I'm shortish, alot of chairs push my head forward...not good for healing from neck surgery. And trying all the chairs was awful, glad to be done looking!

Now to get the dog washed...ugh.

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