Friday, February 27, 2009

Remind me in the days ahead...

I have peace about the decision to give the surgeon thumbs up on pulling my first ribs out through my armpits...two surguries, several weeks apart.
Looks like the first one will be a month away, which gives me time to cook ahead meals and make arrangements.

So now I must evoke the power of positive thinking like never before!
I believe and choose to focus on and I'm saying out loud,
"I will have a positive experience. I will regain full use of my arms, I will heal well and be free from the traffic jam in my neck. I will be healthy and ready to move forward with my life. I will be better! I will be thankful for the skillful surgeon and for my family who will step up and help me and take care of ALL the things I usually do. The dog will not smell bad and stop licking herself constantly so I will be able to sleep in the recliner. I will be able to stop taking all the pills for pain, I will be well, and I will be free."

Deep breath.
Ok, I may need to be reminded of all that over the next month.
But then, I do believe it is time for me to change my very pessimistic Eeyore mentality. Time to trade it in for a brighter outlook on life. What a rough way to figure that out!! I told you I was stubborn.
That's the scoop.