Monday, February 23, 2009

When hugging hurts

I need my own bubble. One I could carry in my pocket and inflate and get inside whenever the need arises. Like Sundays, at church. Let me explain...

We go to a smallish size church...around 100 people.
They're friendly folks. Alot of them like to hug, in fact they practically insist on it. It has been all I can do to fend off well-meaning people who want to hug me, but do not realise it is now literally physically painful for me to hug.

This past Sunday our pastor talked about touching.
Specifically, about how Jesus physically touched people.
Several scripture references about Jesus' touching were read and expounded upon.

When the service was over, everyone was hugging. I couldn't avoid all of the hugs and had to head for the car to go sit alone with my throbbing neck and arms.

I'm seriously considering not going to church for a while because of this.
Even though I tell the nice church people, "I'm sorry, I really can't hug", and point to my neck, people still can't seem to refrain from hugging me. The last three weeks I've left in more pain than I walked in with.
I just can't take it right now.

The alternative is I could load up on meds before church...that might be an interesting experiment actually.

Then I'd probably be hugging too many people for sure;)