Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Day 14, better

I am very glad I stuck it out and switched pain meds yesterday.
Today is much better, not feeling jittery, emotional, confused, it was scary to feel like that.
I am in more pain on these lesser pain meds, but I'll live with it over that alternative of those crazy strong narcotics!
I am hating anything touching the back of may arm, it is numb/sensitive.
I can raise my arm 3/4 of the way up-it kills, and I feel a knife in my back, my breast hurts, my arm feels like I dont have complete control.
I can't keep it bent for long or it stiffens up, gotta move around.
but overall a better day. Daughter drove me to get groceries...it was wierd to be out of the house after 2 weeks.
A nice sunny day though.
K, I'm tired, more tomorrow.

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