Monday, April 27, 2009

Post surgery-day 13

My stomach burns from the pain meds.
I've taken so much ibuprofen over the last few years, always with food and water...but this stuff is making my stomach hurt!
Plus the dreams every night are crazy-just bizarre.

I feel like I've been severely punched in the upper arm, the back of my upper arm is numbish. When I straighten my arm all the way I feel a sharp pulling sensation on the underside of my arm.
Under the incision (in my armpit) is swollen and ice feels really good-even though doc says to not put ice directly on the incision only above and below it.

I'm very tired.

The incision looks like its healing well.
I have armpit odor really bad.
Steri-strips still from last week.
I did shave...weird not being able to feel the razor scraping the hair away.
A sharp pain right next to my spine-upper back, probably from where the rib was removed.

The main reason for this surgical experiment was my 20 year recurring bout with neck pain.
On a positive note, my neck is good. No pain running up the neck into the ear-then again I'm on pretty strong pain meds.
Who knows?
That's the scoop on day 13.

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