Friday, May 15, 2009

Another restless night

Not sleeping well lately. Very restless.
Started getting shooting pains down the underside of my right arm-they really kill for about 15-30 seconds, like a needle being jabbed down my arm

Neck kills today.
Not sure Advil will do the trick.
Arm exactly the same,frozen at the full range, hurts all the way down my arm after raising it up high.
Ear pain-connected to the neck pain.

Stabbers in my upper back.
Thats how I am at 31 days postop.


RosalieG said...

Robin, not funny at all, I had a couple months of similar pain. Exactly, shooting pains, down the right arm. My doc said it is nerve related - mine from a scrunched up sleeping position. If you're sleeping in a chair, that may add to your already traumatic issues. Thank goodness, mine eventually eased up on its own.

~Robin said...

glad to know your eased up...Im trying to give it all time!! hugs~