Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I want off!

It's been a month and a day now since my right sided Transaxillary rib resection and thoracic outlet decompression...
I have decided to try to stay off the prescription painmeds as much as possible now..
I absolutely hate the side effects.

So today, for the second day this month I feel fluish...
I am guessing its from withdrawl from the meds
Hate this.
I also wonder if the weather isnt a factor in how I'm feeling today-extremely lethargic.
Still working on getting my arm to work right.
Never had the problem before surgery.
I also cropped up with a nasty sore inside my mouth on my gums I wonder could be from the tubes and stuff they cram in your mouth/throat during surgery??
My ear and jaw are killig me also, again, I wonder if its from the stuff they put in my mouth??
I suppose its a trade of pains eh?
No throbbing pulsing arm pain, but now I get shoulder pain and mouth/jaw problems...such fun.

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