Tuesday, May 12, 2009

One month ago today...

I cant believe a month ago today I was just coming out of surgery.

I do think I'm coming along, Im just really impaient, and a wimp about pain.
I want it all healed and gone yesterday.

I've gone back to drinking coffee...I'm just SO tired all the time and it gives me a pep for at least a little while.

I am concerned now that surgery messed up my shoulder.

I had NO problems with it before surgery, now its like the muscle is not working, all frozen up and hurts like the dickens when I do my 'walk your hand up the wall' exersizes...ow!

I had hoped the verdict would be in as to the rib resection being a success or not by now, but I'm still waiting to know for sure.

I'm giving it till my next doc appointment at 6 weeks postop...
then if things arent looking better I may go bezerk.

Just givin' you fair warning:)

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