Monday, May 11, 2009

One month post-op tomorrow...

I woke up feeling SO stiff...slept in the recliner.
Still can't lay flat for very long or it feels like a knife is going through my upper back.

I have been able to go longer periods w/o prescription pain meds, and also able to do a little more each day.
Which is good now that our son is home from college for summer break...there's more of everything to do!

My kids & i were all standing in the kitchen today compairing notes on where our rib resection scars are, where we have numb areas, how we feel post op.

I still feel hopefull when I look at my kids and how well theyve done, that I will feel better and be glad I had this surgery.

Wheather or not I get to the place of wanting to do the other side is another story...
I have been feeling the TOS symptoms on my left side more the last few days.
I need to give it enough time to be sure I have relief on my right side first.

I survived church yesterday.
I'm very glad I went.
I noticed two 20 year old down syndrome brothers smiling and singing their hearts out, and that made my day, reminded me that ALL life is precious and anyone can encourage someone else.

Doing my exersizes is going slow. I'm a wimp.
If I could just get past the tiredness, thatd be a major help.

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