Friday, May 8, 2009

Doctor visits and sleeping situations~

I saw my doctor/surgeon today.
He looked at my underarm scar,asked how I was doing, asked me to lift my arm up as high as I could, said I was doing well for 3 weeks post op.
I talked to him about my shoulder being frozen, and the chest soreness, he explained some shoulder anatomy to me and said its all normal for the healing process and he is pleased to hear that much of my TOS symptoms are gone now...(the TOS throbbing, not the healing from surgery throbbing-yes, I can tell a difference).

"Keep up with the exersizes-twice daily, and check back in 3 weeks."


So I will dutifully follow his orders and see where I am in 3 weeks.
I've been so inactive for months that just the little trip to the doc and stopping at a couple yard sales on the way home have made me so sore now.
I did find some fat pants at the yard sale though, which I unfortunately need.

I slept in my bed last night for the first time in 3 weeks.
Made an incline/wedge out of pillows and blankets...which all fell apart in the middle of the night so it feels like my back has those knives stuck in it again.

Motrin's not cuttin it today....ugh.
That's day 24 for ya.

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