Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Pep talk from someone who really understands

My daughter actually gave me peptalk a few days ago thats really helped.

Sitting across the table from me, she said
-"mom, youre GONNA get better. Dont you remember how I had trouble after surgery the whole year in gym class, I couldnt hang my arm down, but eventually the pain went away. Yours will go away too."

Boy, did I need to hear her say that.
See, she understands.
I'm really blessed by my kids, who unfortunatly have both had TOS (& cervical ribs)to deal with.
Several people, who are 'normal' or who have not lived with TOS, have tried to say encouraging things to me during my recuperation. But when someone who has been through what you are going through says the exact same words of encouragement-theres depth of understanding along with an empathy to the words that give them authority to authentically encourage.

So now I'm trying to change my mindset and move on with my life.
Trying to not marinate in my physical situation with TOS, but find a way to keep living.

The pain is not as bad, but still my daily companion.

Sure has a way of changing your life, pain does.

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