Wednesday, July 8, 2009

"Be a professional apple-bobber!"

"...or a soccer ball tester."
"...or a grape stomper/juice maker."

These are some of the ideas I've received after I tell people about my doctors assesment of my employability at my appointment with him today.

When I asked my doc about going back to work and what I had to avoid he said-

"NO doing any; overhead, shoulder level, repetitive arm motion, lifting, or office work using a computer/mouse. No excessive talking on the phone without a headset."

But other than that, I can totally go back to work. (smirk)

So if you have any bright ideas what someone might do to be gainfully employed without using their arms, feel free to suggest!


RosalieG said...


Maybe voice controlled computer is needed, at least for pleasure.

Like I say to an 85 yr old senior I visit whose right side doesn't work due to a stroke: You can still think, talk and pray. Somehow, let's harvest that. One thing we did together was write a senior's newsletter. She gave me the ideas and I recorded them.

Actually I'd like to refer this blog to Lisa Copen who is looking for "moms with an illness" to interview for a book she is writing on living with pain. Is this blog now available to the general public? I'll give her the address.

RosalieG said...

P.S. My verification word came up as "pain c" isn't that too much!

~Robin said...

sure rosalie, blog is open and if others can benefit from it by all means feel free to pass it along:)