Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What I am wondering three months postop...

Tomorrow I will have the chance to ask my surgeon the following questions:

1.Can I expect the pain (I assume nerve) along the underside of my arm to go away eventually? What do I need to do or avoid doing to facilitate that?

2.As far as my left/non-resected side is concerned, should I be concerned about blood clots, nerve damage, muscle atrophy? Is the c-rib bigger on my left side?

3.Why does it hurt in my back like aparing knife is stuck in it with the slightest activity?

4.How long am I going to have to push through the pain to be active? Is the pain from exertion just going to be persistent and I need to accept that or is there hope yet that things can improve?

5.Now that I've been diagnosed with TOS, does that mean I will have it the rest of my life? If so, what do I need to be mindful of not doing that makes TOS worse?

Thats mainly what I'm wondering as far as my TOS symptoms are concerned.


The answers I received were not encouraging, at least not to me.
"Give it more time."
"It's perfectly normal."
"Yes you will always have TOS. Avoid repetitive, overhead, lifting."
"Trapezius muscle needs to be worked on with a 'Therea-cane', you have knots in there."
"The longer people wait to have a symptomatic TOS condition resected the longer it takes to heal and bounce back."


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