Monday, October 12, 2009

Second, third, fourth, and fifth thoughts

I have decided that I made a hasty decision about having the left rib resection.
I was in the presence of my surgeon, who was so pleased to hear of my outcome from the right rib resection that he was all smiles and even asked for a hug-which is quite the opposite of the first time I met and spoke with him about our son several years ago...he seemed to have quite a 'god-complex' back then.

So now I am thinking it over. I'm still on the schedule, but Im feeling pretty sure by weeks end I will cancel the surgery.
I am just not up to spending another 3-4 months being dependant and healing and in so much pain again...not right now, not so soon.

I believe a large part of my current issue is the weight I've gained from being inactive, thus the chest size has gone up and that impacts my shoulders and arms greatly. The bra straps that dig in are a problem too.

I believe if I lost the extra weight I've gained, and stopped wearing a sports bra thats too tight, that my left side TOS symptoms may very well feel alot better.
I think I want to give it a try before committing to being cut open again.
I think.

There is the insurance-which is paid up for the year...
but how lame is it that I would let that dictate to me to have a surgery before I really feel its necessary?!
So Im mulling it over.
Pretty sure I'm going to put it off though.
and now you know.
If I'm doing the wrong thing, please feel free to comment and let me know.
Thats the scoop.

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