Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A fork in the road of my TOS journey

I have decided against having another surgery at this point.
I am just not ready.
It's only been six months since a rib bone was cut out of my body.
It's just too much to soon, even though the right side resection is accomplishing what I had hoped for... so far.
No constant arm aching, neck has not locked up in months.
I cannot express how happy that makes me!

For now, the left side will have to wait on surgical intervention.

So onward I travel, on my lifes journey- with TOS.

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Jann said...

Robin, thanks for visiting my blog...although I don't have TOS I have experience what sounds like very similar symptoms with two severely compressed disks in my cervical spine. I was fortunate that surgery to remove and replace the disks fixed the tingling and pinching in my right arm and hand. I didn't know about TOS before.