Wednesday, April 27, 2011

TOS ladies, consider reduction surgery.

I am addressing the women with TOS today.
I will be candid-Do your bra straps dig into your shoulders?
Do you find it difficult to even wear a bra?
Do you have cervical ribs?
Do you have weighty breasts that pull down on your neck and shoulders?
Have you already had resection surgery, but find some if not all symptoms returning?

I've read several reviews and personally talked to women who have had tremendous relief from back/neck/shoulder/arm/jaw pain from breast reduction surgery.
If you are a woman with TOS AND large breasts, especially if they are pendulous, please consider the following...
*Breast Health Online Forum has testimonials of many women who have found pain relief from reduction mammaplasty.
*Pain clinic website recommends breast reduction for pain control for women with Cervical rib syndrome and overly large breasts.
*emedicine mentions large pendulous breasts as an implicating factor in TOS symptoms.
*Breat reduction for TOS?
*Patient testimonial of relief from reduction.
So if you are a busty woman who also has TOS-especially if you have *cervical ribs*, consider the idea of looking into breast reduction-may give you alot of relief and alot of times insurance will cover it.