Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Juggling TOS 103

Come to think of it, juggling would be near impossible for most TOS folks I know.
But we do have things to figure out and need a plan of action, to be prepared in advance-more than most folks.
So more tips I have found helpful in managing my TOS...

Magnesium is a great natural muscle relaxer!
I have taken it nightly for years and find it very helpful.
250-1000 mg of a combination Magnesium in capsule or powder form(not tablet).
Vitamin C helps aide the absorption of Magnesium, and Calcium is another recommended supplement to calm tense muscles.

When watching tv, a movie, at a lecture, sit in the middle and look head-on.
Having to turn your head/neck even slightly to the right or left for an extended period may trigger TOS pain symptoms for some people (like myself).
Also, don't feel wierd about bringing a little pillow with you to support your head, neck, back.

Sit on a large exersize ball at your computer desk or even at the dinner table.
Your spine is connected, and what helps your core and lower back strengthen will travel up to your neck and shoulders as well.

If you have a dog, clip the leash onto your belt loop when going on walks. You and your dog will get your needed exercise, without stressing your arm or shoulders.


If more tips come to mind I will be sure to post a Juggling TOS 104.
Take care.