Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Address the Fear

My daughter worries.
What will her future be like?
When will the symptoms appear on the other side with the same constancy that moved us to pursure rib resection a few years ago?
What jobs can she get with limited use of her arms?
She worries over what may bring on the pain.
Should she even try for jobs that require lifting, or repetitive arm movement, or will that aggrivate matters?
Should she even consider certain career tracks that may be appealing to her because she may not be able to follow through?

She is at school now, carrying loads of books and stuff several floors of stairs up to her dorm. Her arms throb. But she does not want to complain, she wants to be like everyone else.

Oh, those cervical ribs.

She has had to quickly educate her friends about TOS, asking them to not hang their arm around her neck or hug or try to massage her shoulders.
Every time these questions come up, I remember well the advise of the Doctor. However, my thought is to give it a try! See what happens.
Don't let a diagosis hold you back.
Learn your limits by giving it a try.

Maybe you can't do as much as everyone else, or do things the same way-but you can adapt, adjust, learn and find ways to accomplish your hearts desires.
How to alleviate fear?
Ask for help!
Health resources

Being open, honest and flexible regarding options for treatment and assistance is key to living the fullest life possible with TOS.