Saturday, November 26, 2011

Another post for the Ladies with TOS

Today I'd like to review a couple tips for the ladies dealing with TOS out there.

There are many ways we learn to adjust our lives and compensate for TOS pain.
Being aware of what triggers your TOS pain to escalate has been very important for myself, and I believe can be an aide for you too.

One tip to keep in mind is to not wear a purse or bag strap across your shoulder-even further impinging your already strained thoracic outlet.
It pains me still some days to not be able to sling a cute purse over my shoulder-but it simply is not worth the physical pain. Not at all.

My advice is-get a small, thin pocketbook for cach and cards. I even carry a couple pictures and a tea bag in mine.
Stick it in your pants pocket, or in a zippered or velcroed jacket pocket.
(You can stitch on a small piece of velcro to keep a pocket shut.)

Why do women feel the need to carry ALL that stuff around with them any way?!
It is so unnecesary, and SO freeing to have arms and shoulders free without a purse.

There is also the option of 'wristlet' style pocketbook that would hold a few more things, or fanny pack around your waist.

(Be careful to not fill coat pockets so they are heavy and make your coat hang heavy and put extra strain on your neck.)

Now to move on to one of the most common issues we TOS ladies face...the bra strap.

The v-back sports style bra can be the worst for TOS, with its angle inward toward the neck and typically do not have adjustable straps.
Take a look at your bra straps and see if they may be too tight, too narrow, digging in.
For years I have pushed my straps to the outer edge of my shoulders-away from my cervical rib area.
At the very least loose up those straps, but look for a sleep bra, or bra with wide cushioned straps. And go without whenever possible...unless the strain from large breasts pulls on your neck and shoulders.

Which leads me to reiterate a post from the past, about TOS ladies considering the idea of breast reduction to ease TOS symptoms, especialy if you are large chested. It's something to think about.

Stay tuned for more tips to come!