Saturday, December 17, 2011

Some days are just too much-Juggling 104

When you have TOS, there are lots of things to be mindful of in managing your condition so your flareups and pain are kept at the lowest level possible.
In previous articles here, I have discussed some of the things we can be aware of so we can adjust where needed.
Some days, however, it can all get to be too much.

We mind our posture, do our range of motion exercises, and tuck our chins.
We avoid lifting and carrying, we loosen our bra straps and stop carrying bags slung on our shoulder.
We drink our water, we read and learn all we can about TOS, we ask questions.
We learn our limits and try our darndest to stick to them.
We hate it but we must talk about our physical situation with our loved ones, in hopes they will be understanding and even supportive.
We warn-"Be careful hugging"-sometimes no hugging at all-too painful, though they do not really understand. How could they unless they walked a mile on our TOS shoes?
We massage, we heat, we ice, we apply creams and take pills.
And then tomorrow, we will start all of this, all over again.
It can be exhausting, and to top it all off then we hear from a well-meaning person-"Well gee, you don't look sick."
My fellow TOSer, I gently pat you on the back and say-I know.
This thing is trying, frustrating and difficult.
Maybe sometimes we need to drop all the stuff we think we need to juggle so we can reassess and just pick up the balls that are most important and let the other ones go.
We just do the best we can each day, and keep trying to juggle our way through on this journey with TOS.