Thursday, January 5, 2012

And we're off!

Happy New Year to my fellow TOSers out there.
I hope it will be one of minimal discomfort for us all.

So far in this new year, that has not been the case for me.
Since my right rib resection a few years ago, I do have many days of little to no pain.
But there is always this dark dreadful little cloud that follows me around.
That question- Will today be the day I move the wrong way or over do it?
Will I flare up and be sent into the familiar cycle of inflamation, pain, spasms, aching??

Indeed I am dealing with a big flareup right now.
Quite frustrating on top of all the things I try to juggle hoping to feel better for longer stretches at a time.
My microwave rice packs have been my friend the last several days.
Lots of water, push myself to keep moving-even though I am twisted and bent from the muscles locked in spasm.

My left arm throbs.

That's what started this whole crishendo of muscles and nerves misfiring.
I was half awake early on the last morning of 2011, and I began to stretch, and twisted my neck in just the wrong way...which is easy to do with hunking cervical ribs in the way...and shoot if I didn't know immediately I was in for it.
So it's been ibuprophen, eating light, lots of tea and music to lighten my mood.
Hot shower, trying taking some Omega 3's for inflamation, went on a little ride in the car-with someone else driving.
Back home to lay flat.
Resisting muscle relaxers and heavier pain meds if I possibly can this time around.
I hurt-but the meds tear my insides up.
It is really work to not get sucked into the pitts when youre in pain.

Just another day on my journey...with TOS.