Sunday, January 8, 2012

TOS Questions

I was recently asked via email if I regret having the rib resection surgery, if I have returned to work, and if I plan to have the left side resection.

My response...

"I do not regret having the surgery.

My pain was constant and unrelenting prior to rib resection, as was the case with both my kids resections.

However, all three of us continue to need to be mindful about our TOS and not do certain things that aggrivate it.

We each continue to have flare ups and intermittent pain.

Recovery from rib resection was difficult for me, being older.

I may have surgery on the left side-if the pain becomes unmanageable.

And no, I have not returned to work per my Dr's recommendation to avoid work requiring "lifting, repetitive arm movements, extending the arms, etc. Once you have TOS, even after surgery, you always have TOS." Very difficult to find work with all those exemptions!

I hope my experience is helpful to you.

Take care,


**I am always happy to answer any questions-feel free to email me.
My hope is that at least my pain can help someone else dealing with their journey with TOS.