Friday, June 22, 2012

TOS-friendly vehicles?

I think my new dream car is a voice-command K.I.T.T. car. Recently I have been looking for a car. This is quite a feat when you have TOS, because there are several things I consider a must in a TOS-friendly vehicle. First, tilt steering. Forget keeping hands at ten and two, hands on the wheel lower is helpful. Secondly, the head rest. Could someone please explain to me why the head rest in cars curve forward the way they do? Being shortish, the head rest always forces my head and neck forward in an awkward position. *I actually take my head rest all the way out, flip it around and stick it back in so it curves back. Third, seat belt tension. If the belt is not height adjustable-forget it. My daughter uses a velcro-on shoulder pad that helps keep the belt away from her neck. I hold the belt away from me alot of the time. (I need to get a doctor note about my TOS in case I get pulled over.) Also important would be seat comfort-very hard to find in newer vehicles. Visibility is a huge issue-not having huge blind spots but nice open windows in the back so TOSers don't have to crank their necks around so much. Also, four doors, not heavy long doors. Steering that is nice and light and not tough at all. Optimally a car that would be great for me with the TOS issues is a car with no steering wheel but controlled by a hand held joy stick. The rearview backup system that warns and stops you if there is something in the path behind you would also be a great option. My cheapskate way of getting around the problem of backing up (cranking your neck around to see behind you and possibly cutting off the blood supply to one of my arms) is to always move forward. I always park where I can pull straight out, even if it means walking farther. Backing up is a bugger with TOS.