Wednesday, July 18, 2012

TOS Driving Dillemma

My family has become so frustrated and concerned about my holding the seat belt away from me while I drive that they found our State's regulations online for seat belt exemptions and sent it to me.
I printed this information and took it with me to a recent doctor appointment. I asked nicely for a letter to exempt me from wearing the shoulder belt, or at least to be allowed to adapt it. I was given two letters, one for my car glove box and one to carry. Today I ordered these seat belt adjusters. There are several styles to choose from. I've read reviews on several styles about the clip slipping-more frustration, and who needs that? I will update you on how well these particular clips work. I will give one to my dear TOS daughter who struggles with the same seat belt issues-actually more since she is slightly more vertically challenged (love you;).
I encourage all my fellow TOSers to check on your State regulations regarding seat belt use and how you might adjust to make driving or riding in your vehicle easier for you to do. Moving ahead on our journey...with TOS. Stay safe!