Thursday, July 26, 2012

Going through airport security with TOS

Recently, I traveled to visit my family, and bumped into some interesting situations because of my TOS. The first was going through airport security. There is a phone booth size machine you stand in the middle of...with your arms raised above your head, while a thing spins around you to scan you. When I saw what was comming I wondered how it was going to go over, since raising my arms above my head is something I avoid if I can help it. After dutifully removing my shoes and placing all my belongings on the conveyor belt I got in the line to be scanned. When it was my turn, I stepped in.
The security officer asked me to raise my arms, I did. Then she turned and started talking to another person, so I lowered my arms. She then pushed the button to scan me before turning back to look at me. I raised my arms while the thing was spinning, but she still barked at me-"you've got to keep your arms raised!" She scanned me again, it takes three seconds, but in the few seconds of standing there with my arms up I felt my arm throbbing when it was over. I could have requested a pat-down....ugh, no thanks. I could have, should have spoken up and told the security I cannot leave my arms raised for a prolonged period of time, but she was focused on other things (and a tad bit grumpy)and I just wanted it over with as quickly as possible. The second thing I ran into traveling was the airplane seat. Due to my height, the curve of the headrest pushed my head forward at a slight angle that gave me one option, for the entire plane trip, lean forward in my seat. I tried sitting back, slouching down, but I could feel my neck starting to cramp from the bad angle.
Next time-I am bringing a small inflatable pillow in my bag to put behind my neck so I can sit comfortably. That was a long flight-ugh. The concave design of seats is ridiculous if you ask me, they may suit tall people but not the average public.
I learned from a previous flight that putting even a small travel suitcase in the overhead compartment is not do-able for me. I bring essentials only in my lightweight handbag and check the rest of my things. It is worth it for this TOSer to not have to lug stuff around. So if you are travelling soon, hope my experiences can help you prepare to have a safe and more enjoyable trip on your journey...with TOS.