Thursday, September 26, 2013

Why is is called "The Waiting Game"?

...because it is not a fun game.

Once again, we're waiting on referrals and test results.
I wish there were more to report, but those of you dealing with TOS know all to well the run-around we get when we're trying to get answers.

Meanwhile, we have no choice but to wait and deal with the pain that affects our daily lives the best we can.

I am doing well. I had a flareup a couple weeks ago when I went for pool therapy for my hip and the therapist had me in the deep end with my arms up on a floating pool noodle.
It felt fine while I was in the water...but on my drive home the neck and arm ache started and I was kicking myself for putting my arms up in that position...and for two days on ice and pain pills I continued to kick myself.
(The therapist puts me in a floating vest now, no arms up!)

Stay tuned for reports on how my daughter is coping eight years after rib resection with recurring sympotms and what the second opinion doctor has to say.

We'll keep putting one foot in front of the other on this journey...with TOS.