Sunday, February 23, 2014

TOS Diet days 19, 20, 21

It's been three weeks!
The cravings are hitting full-force.
I'm stuffing banana cookies in my face but they are not meeting the need.
I'm just being honest.

I have stuck to eating clean...until yesterday.
We had Pasties...I really needed a break from cooking, so we threw caution to the wind with these Michigan meal-in-a-pie turnovers smothered in gravy.

I have to be honest here and say that I am in the process of seeking another opinion about my TOS symptoms that have returned. I've had pain more often than not lately, and when I'm in pain I get to feeling depressive and seriously desire to medicate with foods that are serotonin (the feel good hormone) enhancers...carbs.  I even spent some time looking up healthy whole grain donut recipes, thinking that might help me to stay on the wagon, having a healthy substitute.
So far, it's just making me really want an apple fritter and cup of coffee, and feel sad because I can't.

I stopped the gin soaked golden raisins, choking them down just added insult to injury every day.

Every time I feel tempted to quit, I think of my fellow TOSers and decide I can hang in there a while longer.
I do think cutting the sugar and refined stuff may be helping, its just so depressing I'm not sure if it's do-able for the long haul?

That's the scoop. Gentle hugs ~