Friday, February 21, 2014

TOS Diet days 16, 17, 18

Not an hour after I posted my last update, my arms were aching, neck hurt - and here I just told you all I was feeling pretty good.  Then my husband walked by and took my picture-- Busted.
Just look at how I am sitting, horrible! I always start out propped up, sitting straight, but before long this is how I always wind up, trying to get at eye level with the laptop.
One thing is for sure, all the diet in the world will not remedy TOS pain made worse by poor posture and bad ergonomics. 
 I've tried a few things lately to get things up at eye level, and be gentle on the arms. Sitting like that usually last about 10 minutes before I desperately want to slouch again. 

I have been craving carbs like crazy, so I made these banana cookies and was really happy with them. They will be a staple around here now, maybe with a little peanut butter added.

My kids came home with Jets pizza the other night and I had to go lock myself in the bedroom to keep from getting into it. I tried making healthier pizza for lunch using Ezekiel bread-toasted, for the crust, sauce, toppings, nuked for 30 sec-voila! Pizza, right?! Wrong. It tasted like sprouted bread with pizza toppings. Eh.

I have been a good little doobie and not eaten anything that promotes inflammation, no junk, no coffee- sniff. And I've been feeling pretty good. Achy, but the strange Midwest weather is to blame for that.  As long as I can refrain from picking up my grand kids so much (so hard not to) or slouching when I sit, hopefully the pain level will stay calm.
But then with TOS, I never know from one minute to the next how I will be feeling.

Gentle hugs~