Monday, February 17, 2014

My TOS Diet days 12, 13, 14, 15

It is time for a TOS symptom update.
When I began this diet, I was having a lot of TOS pain, so much that my doctor prescribed Gabapentin to see if it would help. I also got a very expensive tube of compounded cream to rub on. 
That was fifteen days ago. I've not started the prescription yet, and the cream is use as needed. Because it is so expensive, I've only used it once so far.

I have noticed that I have not had the usual headaches, and the light throbbing I've become accustomed to in my neck, and arms is very reduced...I barely notice it at all. I've only needed ibuprofen twice in the last few days-another good sign. I think possibly cutting out sugar and refined foods, coffee, and eating only foods considered anti-inflammatory is helping, enough that I am motivated to continue walking by my favorite donuts at the grocery store...and that is saying a lot.

Most mornings I have two cups of green tea, sprouted grain toast, eggs, or whole grain cereal and almond milk, and a glass of water.
Lunch is usually a smoothie, lots of fruit, greens, ground flax. More decaf tea in the afternoon.
Dinner has been challenging, making food that is tasty and anti inflammatory.
Recently we've had:* baked chicken with pesto and cheese on top, brown rice, green beans.
*Turkey meatloaf, spinach tomato salad, sweet potatoes.  
I made banana icecream in the blender couple nights ago, so yummy..the grand kids loved it.
I'm also hanging in there with the gin soaked golden raisins, eight of them every night, on a teaspoon. I take them all at once, chew fast, gag, drink water. My tongue feels tingly after...I'm giving it another week. If the pain gets worse when I stop taking them, I guess then I'll know it was helping.

Today's lunch, pizza on sprouted grain tortilla, two of them. 
That's the diet scoop on day 15.
Gentle hugs~