Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Lidocaine patch - My review

I cut the Lidoderm patch in half  (to conserve and get a few more uses from them) and apply to the area that hurts most. I really need a bath towel size patch, but I digress.

It feels cool when I first apply it, warms to body temp quickly.
Then I wait to feel something. I keep mentally checking in to see if there has been a change in the pain level. I usually get preoccupied and forget I put it on.  Occasionally, I will feel a tiny bit of prickly feeling where the patch is.  Directions say to only leave the patch in place for 12 hours, leave off 12 hours.  I have saved the plastic backing and reapplied mine to use up as much of the lidocaine as possible (cheapskate). I've read its ok to do that, hope that is correct?

I can not say I have noticed much relief from the patch, but I keep putting them on hoping I will.
As it stands, I'm not thrilled with the lidocaine patch, it comes off fairly easy, curls up at the edges. I've even used surgical tape to make it stay on.
For me, it offers minimal pain relief. That's the scoop.

Gentle hugs~