Friday, June 6, 2014

Book Review - Explain Pain - Physical Therapist Recommended

Explain Pain, David Butler, G. Lorimer Moseley

I read this book twice, once to get through it, the second time to jot down notes of what resonated with me. I have six pages of notes. I needed to read this book. I was encouraged from reading it that change is possible, even with TOS pain issues.
Here are a  few notes I jotted from the book...(this book was loaned to me-it is a bit pricey).

Pg. 111 "Understand as much as you can about what causes your pain, not just what to do about it. Knowledge is the great pain liberator."

Pg.26  "All pain experiences are a normal response to what your brain thinks is a threat. The amount of pain you feel does not necessarily relate to the amount of tissue damage."

Pg. 11  "When pain persists and feels like it's ruining your life, it is difficult to see how it can be serving any useful purpose. But even when pain is chronic and nasty, it hurts because the brain thinks you are threatened and in danger-the trick is finding out why the brain has come to this conclusion."

  I highly recommend this book to my fellow TOSers. It covers alot of information and has been quite helpful to me. If you can swing the digital kindle version, or even just read the online free sample for starters. There are also youtube videos available by the authors that are informative.