Wednesday, June 4, 2014

My Physical Therapist Says...Part 2

 My p.t asked how I was doing at the start of a recent appointment.
I told him I was throbbing from driving to p.t. in the rain, because I hate driving in the rain. I explained that it was raining the day of the car accident I was in 10 years ago.  I believe that accident was the precipitating factor for my TOS issues and I've not been the same since.
He was quiet, started poking around my neck, doing his job.
A minute later it was still quiet, he said...
Ever stub your toe going around your bed?
*sure (I wonder why he's asking).
How many times have you stubbed your toe going around your bed?
*a few (really wondering where he's going with this).
How many times have you gone around your bed?
*lots, every day.
Silence. I think about that for a minute while he pushes on spots in my neck.
(point taken). I need to relax.
Odds are in my favor I'm not going to have a car slam into me again because it's raining, or stub my toe on on the bed.

I hope he doesn't charge me Dr. Phil's rates for that moment of reflection.

  This is a road you're on and the biggest hurdle is mental, getting past that to keep on moving, gradually, forward.

  When you do these simple exercises or moves I've given you, and doing them causes pain, you need to know you are not doing damage to yourself. You are challenging the system, the muscle, nerves, and they may be upset and you may experience some pain. We don't want you to piss them off by doing too much and cause a five-alarm flareup, but we do want to challenge them and keep gradually moving forward, increasing your tolerance level.

  This is a journey for you.

Next week, a review of a p.t. recommended book: Explain Pain, Butler, Moseley

Gentle hugs~