Monday, June 30, 2014

Things that are difficult with TOS

Carrying a bag or purse-in fact, I do not ever sling any bag or purse on my shoulders anymore.

Backing up out of parking spots-wrenching neck around.

Pulling open doors-I use my foot alot to help get doors open.

Clothes shopping-pushing clothes on racks at shoulder level fatigues my arms super fast.

Planning-the unpredictability of symptom flareup.

Chopping, cutting, stirring when cooking.

Figuring out a good, ergonomic way to sit, (to avoid slouching) or what to sit on, that does not aggravate symptoms.

Traveling, going through xray scanner with arms up, and pulling a suitcase.

Waking the dog

Folding laundry


Turning radio station in the car-arm extension-zappers.

Looking down to, computer screen.

Wearing anything on my neck-scarves, necklaces, heavy clothing.

Pulling house windows up or down.

Scooping ice cream.

Fixing the back of my hair.

Pulling open doors.

*I'm sure my fellow TOSers can relate.

Gentle hugs to all of you for your courage in living with TOS.