Friday, July 4, 2014

My Physical Therapist Said...Part 4

 I asked p.t. about my cervical rib being the source of my pain and if I am just wasting my time fighting against it doing p.t.  He asked how my symptoms are on the left side, which has a large cervical rib also. I rarely have symptoms on my left side, which he said indicated to him my pain is not with the actual cervical rib but the pain is of another nature and that there could still be improvement.

 I asked about my TOS pain issues being years in the making and how long would it take to work out of this pain cycle? Response-That is a valid question, I don't know.  I asked if it might take years? Response- I don't know, maybe (which had an inflection to sound more like probably).  But then what are my alternatives at this point?
* Give up, live with the pain, be I pretty much have been the last few years.
* More surgery, with all of those uncertainties and possible complications.
* Stick to the plan and try to do what I can to change things.

It's good you have the blog, online support groups. Your own kids deal with TOS, so you have to stick together. You're in this together.

In explaining the brains involvement in producing pain, he told me about having to remove a sliver for his young daughter. The first time, was a breeze. Second time, same tiny sort of sliver, but her reaction was dramatic. Why? Because the brain remembered and produced that response for reasons related to emotion and things other than the actual physical damage.

When I tell him moving certain ways causes pain...
Response-I believe you.

It's o.k.

Part 5..soon!  gentle hugs~